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Correspondent Banking and Settlement Services

The Bakhtar Bank offers you the following Correspondent Banking, settlement (payment) and cash-related services for rapid, quality and high technology-based banking operations:
  • Opening and integrated service of bank accounts both in national and foreign currencies for resident, non-resident customers.
  • Opening of Nostro and Vostro Accounts in Afghani, US Dollar and Euro to help the Banks for domestic and international payments in and outside Afghanistan.
  • Cash deposit and cash withdrawal
  • Money transfers in national and foreign currencies
  • Documentary operations
  • Online account management with the InternetBank service
  • Cash collection and transportation at the client's timing convenience
  • Foreign exchange transactions
  • Collecting of local and foreign banks' cheques

Correspondent Customer Care Center:
Our Correspondent Customer Care Center work in Head Office providing excellent services in Correspondent Banking to our customers 24/7 for which you may reach at email