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Corporate Lending
Afghanistan is a developing economy. It has got lot of natural resources and people of the country are enterprising. The country has been ravaged by disturbances in the past. The country is now poised for recovery and is standing at the doorstep of economic growth. Every business needs bespoke funding to fit its strategic aims. That’s why we make it our business to understand your objectives before working out the best solution with you. The solutions we provide recognise the importance of devising funding packages that really do help our customers respond to their challenges.
Credit Facility:
Term Loan
SME/Retain Trade
Housing Loan
Term Loans:
A Term Loan is normally allowed for the purpose of acquisition of fixed assets. A term loan is an advance allowed for a fixed period either in lump sum or in installments and which is repayable according to a schedule of repayment as against on demand and at a time. A term loan is granted for a period of 3 years and above but not exceeding 10 years except in case of scheme specific advance e.g. Housing Loan, where repayment period of more than 10 years is permitted.
A term loan is granted for a specific purpose and is repayable in amounts and over a length of time agreed between you and your Commercial Manager.
Overdraft Facility:
A cash-credit is an arrangement to extend short term working capital facility under which the Bank establishes a credit limit and allows the customers to borrow money upto a certain limit. The customer need not draw at once the whole of the credit limit approved but can withdraw from his cash-credit account as and when he needs the funds and deposit the surplus cash/funds/ proceeds of sale etc., into the account. Such a facility shall be permitted only against primary security consisting of land, building, machinery, inventory and receivables and/ or tangible, intangible collateral consisting of land and building and third party guarantees respectively.
An approved facility on your business current account to help you cover unexpected expenses and can help you manage your cash flow with greater ease. It essentially provides working capital to fund your business operational needs to an agreed amount.
ME/ Retain Trade
Our Bank is committed to build Afghanistan through helping the entrepreneurs. However, the Regulatory, Legal framework needs reforms. Compliance of rules and regulations is lacking. Banks have to work with the handicap of unauthenticated information. The audited Balance Sheet and/or tax returns are seldom available. Keeping in view the constraints the mortgage loan scheme for business purposes the Bank has approved the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Scheme for financing (Retain Trade).
BAKHTAR BANK is continuously working to identify ways to serve you better and to simplify your banking affairs. That’s why we always seek to be the pioneers in introducing more innovative and customized banking services that accommodate with your personal requirements and aspirations.
Our Trade Finance services include a full range of import, export and guarantee products, thus offering tailor-made solution to fit the individual need of each customer.
Contact person:
A. Samim Momand
Credit Manager
Mobile No :+(93) 776999907