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Bakhtar Safe Cash

Bakhtar Bank’s Unique and Innovative Cash Management Product “Bakhtar Safe Cash”
Companies and high net worth individuals (HNI) today find themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Businesses have to focus on staying profitable while managing heightened credit and liquidity risk with narrowing margins. Keeping in view the challenges of business environment, Bakhtar Bank has developed a range of Cash Management product solutions that accelerate inflows, maximize liquidity, reduce credit risks, automate payments and strengthen reconciliation. At Bakhtar Bank, our products and services are value added and offer end to end solutions that optimize cash flows and reduce operating costs.
Bakhtar Safe Cash:
Banking cash is a time consuming and resource intensive activity that has to be managed by companies and HNI on a day to day basis. Bakhtar Safe cash has been designed to match the business requirements of corporate customers and allows them to entrust this key need to a bank managed service. Companies can select from a range of value added features offered by the service. All cash collected is credited to the company's concentration account for easy utilization of funds. Money movement that you can count on. Minimum Balance: Afs 1,000,000 or equivalent. Available in Afghani, US Dollar and Euro.
Key Features
  • Cash/ Cheque pick up from the customer’s doorstep.
  • Payment at the customer’s doorstep.
  • Credit facility up to 1 Million.
  • Bank guarantees facility.
  • Hedging solution: like forward contract facility to hedge the forex expenses.
  • Swift facility at 50% charges.
  • Forex at most competitive cost.
  • Forex at most competitive cost.
    • Fx Spot Trading: Spot deals involve the buying and selling of currencies with settlement in two trading days.
    • Fx Fixed Forward Contracts: Involves the buying and selling of currencies with settlement at a future date at a rate fixed today.
    • Fx Flexible Forward Contracts: Involves the buying and selling of currencies with settlement within a future time frame at a rate fixed today.
    • Fx Currency Futures: The contract gives the owner the right to buy or sell a currency at an agreed price on agreed date.
    • Fx Currency Options: Contract between two parties giving the owner the Option to buy or sell a currency at a specific price by paying a premium within a specified time period.
    • Fx Swaps: Contracts involving the exchange of principal and interest in one currency for principal and interest in another currency.
    • Fx Investments: Management of investments of the corporate in the overseas markets for better yield.
    • External Commercial Borrowings: Managing the external commercial borrowing requirement of the corporate.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager for the account.
  • Flexible cash pickup and delivery timings
  • Lower risk as cash is not held overnight resulting in improved cash management.
  • Specialized reports to strengthen management controls
  • Enhanced employee productivity through outsourcing of this critical function
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